Fujisaki Co., Ltd

Selling local products to local people

Company Profile

  • Address 980-8652 Ichibancho 3-2-17, Aoba-ku, Sendai city
  • TEL 022-261-5111
  • FAX 022-215-3879
  • WEB https://www.fujisaki.co.jp/
  • CEO FUJISAKI Saburosuke
  • Capital 400 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1819

About Us

Fujisaki’s strong connection to the Tohoku region

Fujisaki started as a cotton clothing seller 200 years ago in Sendai. Nowadays, they sell many different kinds of products like clothes, food, general goods, jewelry, craft products, and cosmetics operating as a department store business. Their main focus is providing services to people who live in Tohoku region. Fujisaki participates in various local festivals such as Sendai Aoba Festival in May and the Tanabata festival in August. Fujisaki also supports several local sporting events. By supporting local festivals and other events, the company aims to contribute to the local community and its development.


The future of department stores

All generations of people do groceries at Fujisaki; however, younger people have come to prefer to buy products online. In order to solve this problem of department stores’ decreasing sales, Fujisaki plans to change their business by building an ecommerce business and using social networks to attract more young customers. The company also thinks to develop comfortable shopping environment for not only to local customers in Tohoku, but also to customers who visit Sendai City regardless of their nationality.

Image of Ideal Candidatess

Implement an international view into the company

Currently, Fujisaki doesn’t have any international employees. Fujisaki wants prospective international employees to carry out projects which will consider customers’ demands and at the same time show Fujisaki’s values to customers. Also, prospective foreign employees need to be able to communicate in Japanese. Fujisaki looks for people who are passionate about their job and aren’t afraid of making mistakes.


Help Fujisaki to expand their business

SETA Seiichi (Corporate officer/Store manager)

Mr. Seta has a message for all international students: “Let’s celebrate Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, and Tohoku region together with your passion and the global awareness!”

International students would like to know

Working conditions

Fujisaki’s employees work 8 hours and 40 minutes a day which includes a 50-minute break during the lunch time and a 25-minute break in the evening. The workers have 101 days off per year, in addition, they can also take a 10-day vacation. Fujisaki’s employees should be able to communicate in Japanese, because they usually interact with many local people, especially their clients.

Role of international employees

Fujisaki doesn’t have any foreign employees at this moment; however, the company tries to create a new way of working with respect to other cultures. They want international employees to play a part in the company’s development by introducing to the company their ideas and opinions based on the international point of view.

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SUZUKI Raiki Tohoku University

Through this interview I found out Fujisakiʼs future perspective and their human resourcesʼ aims. Talking with employees, I could feel FUJISAKI’s passion for Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture and Tohoku region. Being able to put all the effort in the various activities, such as participating in local festivals and supporting local people living in the Tohoku region through selling their products and hiring people is Fujisaki’s strong point. Thanks to this interview, I could realize this, so this interview was very meaningful for me.

HARADA Ryunosuke Tohoku University

I was impressed with their attitude to try to contribute to the local region though it is a big company. I think if they want to expand their business, they should do business in another region. I felt that company really loves Tohoku region. But in some aspects, that company is old-fashioned, for example their restraint to recruit foreign people. Recently, a lot of foreigners visit Sendai every year and the market becomes more and more global, but Fujisaki still hadn’t introduced a foreigner-friendly system. So I hope that Fujisaki will recruit foreign students and make prosperous business with international customers through this project.

HENNIG Nicole TU Dortmund University / Tohoku University

The working atmosphere at Fujisaki is really pleasant. The jobs at Fujisaki seems to be very interesting and miscellaneous. There are a lot of different stores and various interaction with customers. I think that being an international worker can give you the chance to influence the company by enriching it with your international way of thinking.