Wired Beans Inc.

Active company with IT-solutions and craftsman products

Company Profile

  • Address 980-0022 Urbannet-Itsutsubashi Building., Itsutsubashi 1-5-3, Aoba-ku,Sendai city
  • TEL 022-380-8700
  • FAX 022-380-8701
  • WEB https://www.wiredbeans.co.jp/
  • CEO MIWA Hiroshi
  • Capital 163 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2009

About Us

The Global IT Company with unique business model

NONOMURA Noriko (Administration department)

Wired Beans is the E-Commerce solution company. Our main business is E Commerce Development and our main customers are globally renowned cosmetic brand and apparel companies. However, not only do we develop and build the E Commerce Site, we have our own CRM section under the Digital Solution Business which sells high-end glasses and mugs directly to the customers using the E commerce platform that we develop and build in house.


To be No.1 company in Asia

Wired Beans is a leading company in the E-Commerce solution. Also, this company is currently the No.1 company in Japan and No.3 in the APAC for the business of EC sites development. The company is eager to expand their business globally. For a start, they already opened an office in Ho Chi Minhin city, Vietnam. Their goal is to be the No.1 company in Asia. The region is rapidly developing.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Be curious, empathetic and open-minded

The representative of Wired Beans talked with us about some characteristics of an ideal candidate. First point is his or her way of thinking. They want to hire people who are always open to try something new and are keen on being innovative. The second point is the personality. An ideal candidate should actively interact with customers and be able to understand the customerʼs position. The last point is about the communication skills. In Wired Beans, an employee has to be concerned with the needs of their co-workers and the customers.


The international focus of Wired Beans

KONNO Masaki (Digital Solution)

“Many customers of Wired Beans are global companies and our commodity is also oriented towards international customers, so I think international students can play an active part. You can grow personally by learning from talented people in our company who have a lot of working experiences. The attraction of this company is our focus on working with overseas and large company and expanding our products abroad. Letʼs work with us!”

International students would like to know

How is the working life in Wired Beans?

Working hours are about 8 hours per day. We are not required to work in weekends and holidays. Regarding free time, workers can take hoildays in summer, during New Year etc. We are looking forward to working with a lot of international workers in the future. In addition, the co-workers are very pleasant and friendly and the working atmosphere is really nice.

What skills are needed?

Since the majority of our clients are Japanese and some of the employees are not totally bi-lingual at Wired Beans, the desirable candidates for “Front Engineer” positions have to be “J/E bilingual (at least equivalent to N2 level of JLPT) in order to communicate with our clients and the co-workers in professional settings such as meeting with the clients, trouble-shooting on the phone, etc. Having said that, for “Programmer” positions, if the candidate has superb programming skills, Japanese are not mandatory as long as he or she has business level English.

Message Movie


HENNIG Nicole TU Dortmund University/ Tohoku University

Wired Beans seems to be an enjoyable place to work. I felt very comfortable while talking with the companyʼs members and having a look at the working place. The company is very future-oriented and innovative that is why I think working for them gives you the chance to be a part of a successful present and future.

KATO Takahiro Tohoku University

I was very impressed by Wired Beansʼ vision. Before I went to Wired Beans, I thought that Sendai never had the chance to be internationalized because there were no international companies in Sendai but I was wrong. I hope that an international company like Wired Beans will boost Sendai to become an international city!

KAMEOKA Satsuki Tohoku University

I was astonished by the sophisticated and international atmosphere of Wired Beans. I felt that it must be a very inspiring experience to work in this company together with active, witty and amicable colleagues.

ASANUMA Kenta Tohoku University

Wired Beansʼ recruitment process is very interesting because you can visit the company and get to know about it before you start working for them. So it is a good system for not only Japanese but also international students. I felt very refreshed.