Be Local, Act Global

Company Profile

  • Address 986-1111 345 Kayemon, Kanomata, Ishinomaki-city
  • TEL 0225-75-2880
  • FAX 0225-75-2888
  • WEB
  • CEO YASUDA Mamoru
  • Capital 83 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1963

About Us

Creating the best wetsuits and drysuits

YASUDA Mamoru, Comapnyʼs president

MOBBY’s grew to be a worldwide manufacturer of drysuits and wetsuits. For over 50 years, the company has been a pioneer in bringing product innovation and original, fashionable designs to scuba diving industry. MOBBY’s offers cheerful colors and original designs combined with aesthetic elements made by anatomical cutting technology. The company’s goal is to create a suit that fits like a second skin: a durable and well-fitted suit that provides the ease of movement and comfort.


For safety at sea

Mobby Dick Inc. started creating drysuits and wetsuits for recreational use after the company’s founder, Mr. Yasuda, had a life-changing encounter with a sperm whale when he was still in college. In the interview he explained to us that his vision for the company was to create products that would allow people who love the ocean to experience it while having fun and being safe.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Be globalized by E-commerce

Since the company is focused on expanding into the international market, they are looking for someone who has multiple language skills, especially someone who is fluent in English, to take part in business dealings and operations in foreign countries. Moreover, the company is also trying to become more globalized by entering the e-commerce market. However, the company’s number of employees trained in digital and online marketing is still limited. To summarize, the company hopes to recruit new graduates trained in the field of digital and online marketing who can speak multiple languages in the nearest future.


Let’s see how wetsuits are made

Not only cutting-edge equipment, but also the diligent work of human hands together create the high-quality products

We were lucky to have the opportunity to take a factory tour. There are many processes which need to be completed in order to create wetsuits/drysuits: measuring, designing, programming, cutting, bonding, and passing the final inspection. This company also repairs suits. All processes are very elaborate, and we realized that the cmpany’s high-quality products wouldn’t exist without employees’ cooperation and dedication. Our tour guide explained to us the differences between wetsuits and drysuits, as well as the differences between various materials used to create them. We saw large cutting-edge machinery, as well as detailed handwork. Through this tour we learned a lot of new information about their products.

International students would like to know

Global market = Global workers?

Given that Mobby Dick Inc. is an international distributor, we asked Mr. Yasuda whether it would be easy for international students to find a job and integrate themselves into his company. He answered with a laugh: “I hope so!”. Communication is incredibly important, especially in a digitally connected world. So naturally, the ability to work and communicate with people all over the world, especially by speaking many languages or having advanced computer programming skills, is a great advantage for prospective employees.

Being local, acting global

We asked Mr. Yasuda how important Japanese language proficiency is for working for his company, as this is something that many international students struggle with. He explained that some Japanese is definitely needed, not just for the job itself, but also for interacting with colleagues, many of whom are locals with a long history in Miyagi prefecture. While the global market is important, he explained, we must also consider the local area. Many people flock to big cities like Tokyo, but there is no need for it living in the digital age. Using the internet, young people can and should consider acting locally and thinking globally.

Message Movie


YOUNG Laura Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg / Tohoku University

Visiting Mobby Dick Inc. was a delight! This company is very eager to employ young people who can further digitalize and internationalize their business from right here in Miyagi! The interview with Mr. Yasuda was incredibly relaxed. We laughed a lot and gained fascinating insights into what it is like to run a company for such an impressively long time. He explained to us that the world is ever-changing, and, with it, the company must also adapt.

ISARANKURA Nutchanin Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology / Tohoku University

This interview wouldn’t be successful without the company’s help. We would like to say thank you to the company for taking their time to meet with us. We genuinely enjoyed getting to know more about the company. I also really liked the fact that the company’s founder decided to start his business after his encounter with a sperm whale.

SAITO Yuzuki Tohoku University

First of all, I really appreciate this company for giving us the opportunity to have an interview with them. I enjoyed both the factory tour and the interview. Through them I could understand why their products are so superior. I couldn’t imagine that wetsuits go through such elaborate processes to be completed. And I was impressed by the president’s passion. He wants more people to love the ocean and to experience nature. And he truly places importance on his employees’ and customers’ happiness. I want to be a person like him taking action for people’s happiness.