Yamanaka Inc.

World-renowned marine products from Miyagi

Company Profile

  • Address 986-2122 Saiwaicho 1-38, Ishinomaki-city
  • TEL 0225-24-3373
  • FAX 0225-24-4373
  • WEB https://www.yamanaka.co/
  • CEO TAKADA Shinji
  • Capital 16 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2008

About Us

Step to the next level: MARINE × INNOVATION

TAKADA Shinji, Representative Director

Yamanaka’s headquarters is located in Ishinomaki, the southern part of Sanriku sea area. Sanriku is famous as one of Japan’s three best fishing spots. Sanriku’s coastal area is the point where the cold Oyashio current and warm Kuroshio currents meet, so many nutrient-dense minerals can be found there which make shellfishes very delicious. In this place, Yamanaka Inc. catches fish and other seafood which looks and tastes great. Nowadays, due to many external factors such as climate changes followed by warming seawater, their catch and production are decreasing. They started trying to create a more sustainable distribution and production system along with the company’s strong vision of “MARINE × INNOVATION”


Introducing Ishinomaki’s local food to the world

Yamanaka Inc. is the company that has a strong desire to turn Tohoku region including Miyagi prefecture’s local seafood products into world-renowned marine products. The company is very proud to possess the famous HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certificate which proves that the company’s products correspond to an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. At the present time, the company is mainly exporting their products to countries of South Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam), but recently they also started to expand their market by selling their delicacy called Scallop to the United States of America. The company also plans to export their products to Middle Eastern countries, since seafood like oysters is rapidly gaining popularity there.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Internationalizing the company

Kenya Chiba, Business Planning Office: “Our company’s mission is to introduce local seafood products to a global market and in order to do that we want to employ more international workers. Right now, we have 6 technical interns from Thailand that we have recruited through the HR company, but we hope to employ more foreigners in the future. Speaking English is crucial for introducing our company on the international level, so we’re looking for international students who are fluent in English. Besides that, we also encourage our Japanese workers to improve their language skills, because we think that the knowledge of foreign languages is the key to successful market expansion.”


Yamanaka’s strong points

CHIBA Kenya, Business Planning Office

Kenya Chiba, Business Planning Office: “Yamanaka’s products are famous for originating in the rich waters of Miyagi where the cold Oyashio and warm Kuroshio currents meet the rocky ria coast, the area which is known for its bountiful minerals and clean waters. To explain it more precisely, Sanriku’s waters have a rich supply of nutrition and plankton, as well as plentiful fortifying minerals from the mountainous coastline. These conditions contribute to the uniqueness of Sanriku’s oysters’ flavor. To summarize, the company’s strength is in selling products grown in this pristine environment. Yamanaka Inc. is dedicated to sustainable and safe aquaculture industry.”

International students would like to know

Cultural differences between Japanese and international employees

Currently, the company has 6 Thai technical interns on the production line. From what we have heard during the interview, the company encountered some obstacles caused by cultural differences between Japanese and Thai people. Thai technical interns prefer to work in groups more than individual and are also more flexible when it comes to time punctuality. They don’t take their job as seriously as Japanese people. This is the reason why they are sometimes late arriving at their workplace. Moreover, even though Thai technical interns in the company have a high level of proficiency in Japanese, there is still a language barrier leading to misunderstandings in some situations.

How big were the damages after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami?

2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami really caused some serious damages to our business. We couldn’t sell our products for 3 months after that disaster, so there was a very noticeable decline in sales that year. Some parts of the factory were partially damaged, and it took 2 years in total for the company to recover financially. Luckily, thanks to our devoted employees, we were able to restore our company to its previous state.

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ILIJAS Anela Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Croatia)/ Tohoku University

The company’s headquarters is located just next to the sea coast’s picturesque scenery where the air is filled with a salty smell of the ocean. Yamanaka Inc. is the company that specializes in seafood products, and the headquarters’s location instantly reminds us of that. People working there are very passionate about making Miyagi prefecture’s local seafood products worldwide famous, so even though for now Yamanaka Inc. is quite small company, it left an impression on me that is has a very big potential in the future.

SAITO Yuzuki Tohoku University

I fell in love with Ishinomaki through this interview. I’ve always liked seafood products, especially oysters, but only when I saw Yamanaka Inc. workers’passion and how proud they were sell their products, did I truly become interested in seafood industry. I thought that the company’s slogan sounds very catchy: “The gift of Sanriku to the world”. This company sells world-class products. I really hope that more and more people all over the world will get to know about Sanriku’s seafood in the future and will have a chance to try it.

ISARANKURA Nutchanin Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology / Tohoku University

We would like to say thank you to the company for taking their time to meet with us. I enjoyed interviewing them and learning more about the company. The information they told us about their products-oysters, hoya, and other seafood products-was very interesting, and their products looked really delicious. I hope I will have a chance to try their products in the future.