Ocha no igeta Co., Ltd.

Spread the Sendai’s Green Tea Culture to Nationwide

Company Profile

  • Address 980-0804 Omachi 7-23, Aoba, Sendai ctiy
  • TEL 022-224-1371
  • WEB http://www.ocha-igeta.co.jp/
  • CEO KONNO Katsuji
  • Capital 20 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1920

About Us

New season: new tea aroma


Ocha no igeta has been making green tea in Sendai for 90 years, and has more than 50 stores. Since its establishment, Ocha no Igeta has always been working together with Shizuoka’s growers and famous tea producers. The company always tries to please their customers by offering them tea prepared from freshly picked tea leaves. The company believes that freshness is a life of the tea, so they introduce a new taste and new aroma of tea every season.


Happiness, Satisfaction, and Contribution

The company’s vision can be divided into 3 categories, the first one is employees’ happiness. All employees are passionate about their job, which allows them to discover their talents. Moreover, employees working at Ocha no Igeta can experience the happiness of contributing to the society every day. The second category is customers’ satisfaction. The company always tries to offer the best possible service to their customers to make them feel happy. Furthermore, Ocha no Igeta always sells original products made with love. And the last category is the contribution to the local community: the company aims to pass down Japanese traditional food culture to next generations.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Following the company’s Six Hearts principle

The company is looking for someone who will follow their Six Hearts principle that consists of the following aspects: 1) loving heart: a heart that loves friends, products, and customers and is able to contribute to the company and to the society; 2) honest heart: if one’s honest with himself, others will accept him; 3) reflexive heart: a heart that always longs for self-improvement; 4) thank-you heart: always be sincere and grateful to the customers; 5) adventurous heart: a heart that loves being challenged and follows own dreams to improve himself; 6) creative heart: a heart that creates and leads a healthy life.


Be yourself to start a career

One of the most important things to do before starting a new career is to understand your own personality and to be comfortable with yourself first. It is also important for many aspects of life. When you prove yourself as an authentic and genuine person, other people will trust you. They will be happy to give you the job and to work alongside you feeling that they can rely on you. Of course, if you find some negative personality traits during the self-analysis, you should make efforts to overcome them. Being a well-rounded individual will be of immense value, no matter what kind of job you are looking for.”

International students would like to know

Future plans for foreign workers

Currently company doesn’t plan to hire international students. The reason behind this decision is that at the moment they are only trying to conquer the local market. Ocha no Igeta wants to expand their business step by step. If they succeed in conquering the domestic market, they plan to expand their business to other Asian countries and then they will definitely recruit foreigners. Moreover, they will need people speaking English language since there is no English language support in the company presently.

Company’s future strategy

The company’s employees mention that Sendai isn’t famous for its tea and the company’s plan is to come up with new strategies which will change that and make Sendai’s tea popular nationwide. Also, they said that population decline in Japan leads them to a thought of exporting their goods overseas, even though they haven’t started working on that. Currently their main target are domestic customers only. Still, if they decide to export overseas, they want to start with expanding their business to Asian countries.

Message Movie


ISARANKURA Nutchanin Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology/Tohoku University

This interview wouldnʼt be successful without the help of the company. We would like to thank the company for taking their time to meet with us. We genuinely enjoyed learning about the company. My first impression was that this company has a good working environment. I was feeling really comfortable when I was visiting their workplace.

KOU Tenhou Tohoku University

I really liked this company because they are doing what I want to do. I want to work for people’s happiness. Both in china and in Japan, the tea is considered not only as a type of drink, but also a type of a lifestyle. We drink tea to relax our minds and bodies. Ocha no Igeta is a company that makes delicious products for people to feel happy. I loved that.