High-quality sake made with passion

Company Profile

  • Address 987-1393 Matsuyama Sengoku Okeyaki 14, Osaki ctiy
  • TEL 0229-55-3322
  • FAX 0229-55-4513
  • WEB https://ichinokura.co.jp/
  • CEO SUZUKI Hitoshi
  • Capital 90 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1973

About Us

Passion for sake making

SUZUKI Hitoshi・President

Ichinokura is a local Miyagi company that has been present on the market around 40 years. The company produces more than 30 types of sake sold countrywide and overseas. They are passionate about satisfying their customers by producing top-quality homemade style sake. Ichinokura cooperates with many local companies to get the best possible grains of rice and produces their own water to create products that are reputed throughout Japan.


Quality that continues to grow for 40 years

Ichinokura exports its sake all around the world and wishes to continue to do so by introducing the sake culture to different countries of the world, such as France and USA. Every year the company increases its salesʼ numbers and produces new types of sake to meet their customersʼ demands and to offer them a high-quality beverage. The companyʼs goal is to keep producing sake in a homemade style and to employ new passionate employees who are ready to learn about sake and its culture.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Being passionate about sake is a must

The word passion has appeared in the interview several times because it is the main quality that the company is looking for in prospective employees. You must have a desire learn and to be passionate about sake and its culture in order to produce and to promote high-quality sake throughout Japan at Ichinokura. In addition, communication skills are the important tool for Ichinokuraʼs employees to be able to spread this passion to the companyʼs various customers.


Take the opportunity to work in the sake industry

AGATSUMA Kazusa・Reseach and Development

We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Suzuki Hitoshi, chairman of the company. He kindly welcomed us into his company and answered all of our questions. Mr. Suzuki Hitoshi also asked us to deliver his message to the international students: “Hello international students! Our company currently doesnʼt have any foreign employees, but we welcome everyone who is passionate and highly motivated, so please bring your passion to our company!”

International students would like to know

Do you think it is difficult to integrate international students into your Japanese-style workplace?

Ichinokura is ready to integrate and guide international students in the work process. However, you must be passionate and strongly motivated to work in the sake industry. The language is not an obstacle, but having a minimum level of Japanese language ability is necessary.

Is Ichinokura willing to hire international students to help the company expand business globally?

Ichinokura sees nothing wrong with hiring international students and working together with them. Currently they don’t have any foreign employees working for them, but this remains an opportunity for the future, especially for prospective international employees who are willing to be in charge of the overseas sales.

Message Movie


BRAHAMI Mael Grenoble Alpes University/ Tohoku University

I found this experience to be really enriching, I was lucky to be able to plunge into this passion for sake at Ichinokura. It is a company that cares about its customers and provides a high-quality service. We were lucky to visit Ichinokura’s factory and to see the sake production process. Employees were very welcoming and answered all of our questions. I think that Ichinokura is a company that has a lot to offer.

SUZUKI Raiki Tohoku University

Through this interview I have learned that Ichinokura hasn’t really changed its production methods since the establishment of the company, but throughout 40 years it managed to position itself as the leading sake manufacturer in Miyagi prefecture, which I think is truly amazing. Moreover, after the interview we were able to visit the factory where I learned about the process of sake making and got a much deeper understanding of the company.