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Company Profile

  • Address 981-3111 Nishizawa 26-4, Matsumori, Izumi-ku, Sendai ctiy
  • TEL 022-771-1852
  • FAX 022-771-1853
  • WEB
  • Capital 180 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1999

About Us

Community-based and Wide range of medical and nursing services

Mr. YAEGASHI Shinichi , Recruitment manager

Seizankai Group owns 78 branches in Miyagi prefecture, mainly located in Sendai city. Through Community-based and multifunctional complex, they are trying to provide multifunctional and complex support for every local people to lead their good lives.

  • Welfare for elderly people (nursing support/home-visiting care/ facility-visiting care/overnight stay care/ housing)
  • Medical services (5 clinics)
  • Welfare for the handicapped (facility-visiting care/ housing)
  • Nursery school support for double-income household (Izumi district, Sendai city/Ogawara city)


Listen to each desire

Everyone has obvious Rights that are respected in the society or can play their role as citizen. The interactions which value this “Obviousness” is called “Rights-Based Approach; RBA.” We try to develop human resources who can value two-way relations through deep conversation and interaction to support people, not one way relationships such the role between “Those who provide nursing services” and “Those who receive nursing services”.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Interaction is the value

Seizankai Group would like to achieve the vision with…

Those who like elderly people
Those who like interactions
Those who have skills to communicate
Those who are subjective and positive
Those who can greet brightly and cheerfully

We value candidate’s nature rather than having a certification.


Challenge is the way to achieve your dream.

Ms. Agnes Fripas, a caregiver from the Philippines

Ms. Agnes Fripas, an employee from the Philippines has worked in “Group Home Yukari no Mori”. Previously, she had gotten a lisence of a care worker and worked as a care worker for three years. Then she returned back to the Philippines where her family lived. After that, she really wanted to care for the elderly in Japan, and finally she was recruited by Seizankai Group thanks to the cooperating organization.

Ms. Agnes talked about followings in the interview.

My partner, Mr. Yaegashi kindly supported me, so I felt encouraged.

After that, he has been taken closer look on my live in Japan. Therefore, I was able to work without any problem.

As a foreigner, leaving their own countries and working in unfamiliar places is never easy. It is important to find companies or communities which hold up good and trustworthy management ideologies, and talk with the workers seriously. Iʼm sure that if you can love the countries, citizens there, languages there, and elderly people around you, you will be able to succeed.

She finally gave us following messages: “Letʼs achieve your dream. We always support you.”

International students would like to know

Interests and difficulities of Nursing care

I really like talking about my family in Philippines with elderly people, and I also like to hear about their families. We sometimes have meal, or drive to see cherry blossom(Hanami) together, and we become exciting and smile. I love such moments and I can find worth working through them. When I first started this job, I felt sad because my co-workers worried too much about me. Looking back, I was keep working with uncertainly in the beginning. However, my anxiety and worries was solved as time goes by.

I had studied Japanese before, so I could communicate with my basic Japanese skills without any big troubles in terms of languages. However, Iʼm still have trouble understanding so-called “local dialect” particular to a local area in Miyagi. Every time I face in such a situation, my co-workers supported me.

Toward the next dream

Fortunately, I can work in great environment. Before working in Seizankai Group, we just took care of elderly people one-sidedly, and I thought it was general. However, in the current workplace, co-workers always think of elderly people and communicate carefully to think and act together. I love this environment, because everyone is active and full of smile.

My current dream is going back to Philippines to found similar facilities and make a lot of buddies.

Message Movie


UCHIDA Saki Tohoku University

In Miyagi prefecture, in the two thousand twenty five business year; people who were born in baby-boom generation become old-old, it is said that it will be lack of care workers worst in Japan. The fill-rate is 69%, and it is 4755 when it comes to population. On the other hand, there are plenty of care people in Shimane prefecture and the rate is 98.1%. So we can say there are about 30% differences between Miyagi and Shimane.

To bridge that gap, Seizankai has improved recruitments of elderly people and disabled people, or developed nursery school for families with small children, and so on.

Besides, 7years ago they started to hire the internationals and they regularly hire Nepalese students as from Japanese vocational school to create the foundation.

In Seizankai Group, those who have ambitions and motivations can find worth working and living regardless of ages, gender, and nationalities. Moreover, you can find “Kindness” and “Strength” that value human connections in nursing.

ILIJAS Anela Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Croatia) / Tohoku University

The Seizankai Group is a corporation that makes constant efforts to create a good workplace while valuing the independence of each working employee.

There is an environment where anyone can get an adequate reputation, respecting the enthusiastic attitude toward work, self-development, and the personality nurtured in it.

I believe that the root is the noble and wonderful philosophy of this corporation.