Grape City Inc.

Cutting-edge techonologies from Tohoku with love

Company Profile

  • Address 981-3205 Murasakiyama 3-1-4, Izumi-ku, Sendai City
  • TEL 022-777-8210
  • WEB
  • CEO BABA Naoyuki
  • Capital 90 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1980

About Us

From IT solutions to teaching kids English

Daniel Crawford, Executive Vice President and Director

Grape City is a company that has four main businesses: IT solutions, LeySer-school management software, Grape SEED-interactive English learning solutions, and WINE studios-film studio where commercials and media films are produced. While companyʼs headquarters are located in Sendai, Japan, this company has offices in 9 different countries, like USA, China, Russia, and many others. More than 1,000 employees from all around the world work for Grape City Inc. making this company truly international.


Customers trusted partner

Grape City Inc. is a company that always wants to empower their customersʼ success. The company focuses on high quality and dedicated trustworthy customer services and always works hard to become customersʼ trusted partner by always proposing the best solutions for their business lifecycle. The companyʼs idea is that in order to be the best for their customers, they constantly need to change by improving and updating their services, but it promises that the commitment to customer success will never change.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Challenging Minds

The companyʼs ideal candidate is a person who is ready to accept new challenges, has a flexible mind, and is strongly motivated to work at Grape City. Of course, since Grape City is an IT company in the first place, a preference is given to people who majored in Computer science. Also, a prospective employee should be able to speak both English and Japanese, and speaking Chinese is a very big advantage as well since The company works a lot with Chinese partners. As vice-president of the company Mr. Crawford said: “In the 21st century speaking at least two languages is mandatory, while ability to speak more than two languages opens more doors.”


Global company with a local charm

ONO Akinori, Division Manager, Development Div., Tools Dept.

ONO Akinori, Division Manager (Development Div., Tools Dept.): “I grew up in Sendai, so I wanted to work for a local company in Sendai. In addition, I was interested in working for a company that could provide a global environment. Grape City Inc. was a win-win deal for me. Sendai is comfortable to live in and the size of city is just right to have a peaceful life. Our company has offices in many other countries, so we communicate with foreign employees in English and enjoy the foreign culturesʼ differences together.”

International students would like to know

Q: Are you thinking about expanding your business into new areas?

A (Daniel Crawford, Executive Vice President and Director): “Actually, we donʼt really think thatʼs a good idea. We work in the areas where we are competent, if we started working in the areas we arenʼt so good in, we wouldnʼt be able to compete in new industries. Even though many Japanese people tend to think that one should always try to be good at everything, I donʼt agree with that way of thinking. I think itʼs important to focus only on the things youʼre good at and to keep improving them in order to become successful.”

Q: ‌What are the advantages of working at the Grape City?

A: (ONO Akinori, Division Manager (Development Div., Tools Dept.): “We can attend interesting seminars and other events to use the chance to improve our skills, because this company thinks that new experiences can be beneficial for new projects in the company. Grape City Inc. is located in Sendai as well as in many other countries all around the world, so people who were born in Sendai have an amazing opportunity to work in the hometown Sendai, but also to go on many business trips to many different places. Japanese employees can use their experiences if they were studying abroad in the past or can speak foreign languages. There are many different types of jobs and many employees coming from different countries work together, so all together we can share different points of view to create many internationally recognized projects.”

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UCHIDA Saki Tohoku University

Grape City Inc. has a trully international working environment. There are many foreign employees working at Sendaiʼs office. Through the interview and workplaceʼs tour, I found out that they have a lot of cozy spaces for workers to work with relaxation and flexible schedule respecting employeesʼ private life. We were allowed to visit employeesʼ working space, and they explained to us a lot about their services which was very exciting.

HARADA Ryunosuke Tohoku University

I was impressed when I saw companyʼs workplace: their office and their beautiful garden. Grape City provides great working environment that creates a feeling of comfortability. Besides that, employeesʼ work-life balance also seems to be very good, unlike typical Japanese companies which are said to have bad work-life balance comparing to foreign companies. Also, contrasting with other typical Japanese companies, in Grape City there are strong merit systems, so workers should always be in the competitive state in order to continue to work at Grape City.

ILIJAS Anela Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Croatia)/ Tohoku University

Grape Cityʼs office looks like a different world: everything is designed to be as much comfortable and cozy as possible to motivate employees to create something new every day. And that motivation really works, I was deeply impressed with employeesʼ skills, dedication, and the level of professionalism. Grape City truly is an example of ambitious multinational company where people from different countries work together by sharing their creative ideas and thoughts. I think that Grape City is a company which opens up great opportunities for all strongly-motivated employees regardless of their nationality.