Hinomaru Display Sendai Co., Ltd.

Pioneer of small and medium-sized companies

Company Profile

  • Address 981-0134 Shirakashidai 6-7-1, Rifu town, Miyagi gun
  • TEL 022-356-6789
  • FAX 022-356-6780
  • WEB https://www.display.co.jp/
  • CEO SHINZAKI Hiroshi
  • Capital 45.8 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1993

About Us

Clear vision of creating products


Hinomaru Display Sendai Co. creates POP designs for car dealership businesses and department stores. The acronym POP stands for “point of purchase” advertising and it expresses images of the stores through the advert. Sendaiʼs office main job is processing of the job requests which Hinomaru Display’s office in Tokyo gets from customers. That job is always consistent and helps customers to see all stages of new product development clearly.


Valuing 3S principle

Hinomaru Display’s factory is “a factory with a clear vision”. That means that they value 3S (Seiri Seiton Seiketsu) principle the most. Seiri means organizing, Seiton arranging things neatly, and Seiketsu means standardized cleanup. This principle boosts company’s self-confidence and reduces failures. Employees even established the 3S committee to develop methods to improve the working environment.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Develop your personality!

If you want to work at Hinomaru Display, you have to keep in mind that what this company is looking for is your personality. Can you cheerfully greet your colleagues every morning? Can you be an enthusiastic employee and cooperate well with your coworkers? These factors are determining whether you’re able to become part of the Hinomaru Display team. So set your mind to it and be ready to polish your personality!


Creating small and mid-sized companies’ new style

Nowadays, many Japanese small and medium-sized companies try to accept international workers. However, there are some mismatches between the government’s and small and medium-sized businesses’ visions. Hinomaru Display thinks about solving this problem by building Japanese schools and vocational training schools in foreign countries. In these schools, foreigners would be able to learn about Japanese culture and after they’ve completed their education, they would be able to work in Japan. In the future, they would be able to establish the company’s overseas branches in their home countries.

International students would like to know

Does the company plan to accept foreign employees in the future?

Currently there is one foreign employee from Myanmar working at Hinomaru Display. Mr. Shinzaki, the president of the company said to us that population reduction in Japan is causing employing foreign workers a more common practice. He also said that some developing countries like Thailand and Myanmar are lacking good technologies and job opportunities, so he thinks it is a good chance to establish the company’s overseas factories there.

What do you think about foreign workers in Japan?

Mr. Shinozaki and all employees in Hinomaru Display share the opinion that the company would be happy to hire everyone who is willing to acquire new skills in Japan and create something meaningful in the future. The company is planning to expand their business into multiple Southeast-Asian markets, so the demand of skilled workers who can speak both local and Japanese language will be huge, and the company is willing to train new foreign employees. Mr. Shinzaki also mentioned that he personally likes foreign employees who are warm-hearted and curious to learn something new.

Message Movie


KOU Tenhou Tohoku University

Hinomaru Display is the company that has left a deep impression on me. The company’s president is a very wise man who wants to make big changes. I wish him great success in his business.

TSUTSUI Koki Tohoku Uiversity

There are many big problems in Japan, like labor shortage, gender gap in employment, and low rate of employment of foreigners. Hinomaru Display Sendai Co. has clear solutions to these problems and already works on solving them. Mr. Shinzaki spoke to us about these solutions passionately and that excited me. I think this is exactly how one should solve the problems.

KATO Takahiro Tohoku University

I think that the Hinomaru Display’s vision will become the standard model for all Japanese small and medium-sized companies. Currently there is an obstacle created by Japanese government and small and medium-sized companies that slows down the employment of foreigners. I hope one day Hinomaru Display and companies with a similar vision will be able to solve this problem!