Maruyama Transport Co., Ltd.

Worldwide Logistics With One Stop Service

Company Profile

  • Address 983-0001 Minato 4-1-2, Miyagino-ku, Seidai city
  • TEL 022-258-0665
  • FAX 022-258-0889
  • WEB
  • CEO MIURA Kazuo
  • Capital 30 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1962

About Us

Maruyamaʼs international multimodal transport - one stop service

MIURA Kazuo, President

As a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), Maruyama supports customersʼ global strategy with door-to-door and one-stop service from complicated import / export customs clearance, warehouse storage, export packing, vanning / devanning and delivery. To illustrate more about this point, NVOCC is a freight forwarder who does not own any vessel, but functions as a ʻcarrierʼ by organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution.


Starting new a one is the best way to grow

Their vision is about starting 80 new projects in the future. The companyʼs aim is to be a bright and rewarding company with safety as their top priority. They aim to become a company that grows together and allows all employees to share their happiness. They want to be an inspiring company that can always solve problems from the customerʼs perspective. Also, they aim to contribute to local communities and harmonize with local communities through their comprehensive logistics business.

Image of Ideal Candidates

An employee who have internationalization heart

As the company just launched the “Overseas Planning & Strategy Department” which they would like to take the lead in international transportation at Sendai Port by dealing directly with overseas customers. So currently, the company are looking for someone who can help them be more internationalize which the company are seeking for a person who can think and pursue their own actions for self-realization; “What kind of role will you play in the globalization of society. Please set a specific goal and work for it.”. More importantly, they have to be also interested in the values of the company too.


Way to make a smooth communication environment between domestic and international employees

KURIHARA Anzu, Global Transport Department

Ms. KURIHARA mentioned that working with international employees sounds beneficial for the company. So if in the future they have a chance to work with international employees, they would like to give it a try. Messages to international students; “It would be great if international students have an ability to communicate with them in Japanese. They mean you donʼt have to be that fluently, but if you can communicate with them in daily life it would be really convenient and easy for you to adapt with their Japanese culture and our way of work.”

International students would like to know

International employees recruitment preparation

We start our questions with their future recruiting plan. Acconding to Mr. MIURA, they do want to accept international students in the future. They already are making an efforts to built a system to accept them. However, they also mentioned that currently in their Sendai office, they have no international employees yet. But they have been preparing to accept international students. To illustrate more about this point, the local employees start to learn and using English in the office. Also, the company is planning to built their new branch in overseas too. So developing English skill is important for them right now.

Overcome language barrier

The second things we want to know is the major obstacles they have met while doing their business with international customers. They said that the company have met 2 major obstacles. One is the language barrier; there were the time that they misunderstand with each other and got misinformative. Once there is a misunderstood in the business field, it can create an enormous loss of profits. So the company have to pay attention to every detail to prevent the miscommunication. The second obstacle is when they have to make contact with the international client in English. The company have to make a contract that both parties know exactly what theyʼre signing and what the provisions mean.

Message Movie


ISARANKURA Nutchanin Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology / Tohoku University

This interview will not be this successful without the help from the company. We would like to thank you to the company for taking their time to meet with us. We were genuinely enjoyed learning and getting to know more about the company. I really like the idea of ʻFreshers Campʼ where the employees can acquire mindsets and leadership that can be learned over five years at other companies but one year in this company.

TAKAHASHI Kanta Tohoku University

Firstly, I really appreciate Maruyama Co. for answering our questions. I learned so many things such as the companyʼs view of globalization and fresh campthrough this interview. I think fresh camp which is the event the newcomer try group discussion is the best way to grow up.

SAITO Yuzuki Tohoku University

Through our interview, I was deeply impressed with their approach to develop employeeʼs initiative (like committee systems) and to train their freshmen (like Fresherʼs Camp). I felt that they really treasure their customers and employees. I really enjoyed our interview and I could have a great experience.