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Creating Healthcare Innovation:From Japan to the World

Company Profile

  • Address 108-8507 Philips Building, 2-13-37 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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  • CEO TSUTSUMI Hiroyuki
  • Year of establishment 1953

About Us

The First Co-Creation Center in Philips Japan

AKASAKA Ryo Director, Co-Creation Center

With Japanʼs population aging rapidly, new healthcare issues arise. Philips Japan is now a leading name in the healthcare industry and the establishment of its first “CCC” (Philips Co-Creation Center) in Japan show that it is on the forefront to solve important health related problems with creativity and communication.


Why Sendai?

This branch in Sendai is the first CCC established in Japan. Sendai was chosen as the location due to the high aging population in Tohoku region, making it the perfect place to collaboratively discuss issues with local doctors and patients.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Open-minded problem solvers wanted

The ideal candidates for Philips Japan CCC in Sendai should be good at problem solving and collaborative work with many different people. It is also important that candidates have an open-mind when they enter the company, because working at the CCC involves talking to people from all over the world, which means that they may be confronted with different cultures and work styles.


You can expect to create something new

ANDO Maya Clinical Specialist, Philips Japan

Philips Japan established their first innovation center in Sendai, May 2019. We promote competition and co-creation through cooporation with various universities, local governments, and companies. Please come to CCC and have a look at where we create new healthcare solutions with your own eyes.

International students would like to know

Are these jobs for me?

We asked our interviewees whether the Philips Japan CCC offers jobs that might be particularly attractive for international students looking to work in Japan. We were delighted to learn that the CCC welcomes a diverse work force; it not only accepts people from different national or academic backgrounds, but encourages these differences because the creative, innovative work done at the CCC depends on its employees and partners having different perspectives on problems to find new solutions. The types of jobs offered include Data Scientists, Clinical Specialists, and technical consultants.

Is speaking Japanese important?

We went on to ask about how important Japanese language proficiency is, as international students often struggle learning Japanese. Mr. Akasaka explained to us the importance of communication in a creative, collaborative working environment such as the CCC. While much correspondence is conducted in English, for example with the other CCCs all over the world, one must not forget the importance of consulting domestic doctors, patients, and local government officials for the valuable work done at the CCC. Therefore, some Japanese proficiency is definitely required in order to do the best work possible and make quality solutions for customers.

Message Movie


YOUNG Laura Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg / Tohoku University

The CCC in Sendai is so vibrant, colorful, and young. It seems really fun to work there! However, this doesnʼt undermine the importance of the work done at the CCC. This workplace represents a global collaborative project that aims to help people by solving their problems, rather than selling them products.

TSUTSUI Koki Tohoku University

Co-Creation Center atmosphere was unstilted, but I felt enthusiasm which make new something. They showed us clearly goal with passion in the interview. Each of the components in the office made me excited!

SAITO Yuzuki Tohoku University

Firstly, I was deeply impressed with Philips Japanʼ office atmosphere. Thatʼs not unlike traditional Japanese offices. Unique discussion room, lecture room-everything was so innovative for me. Philips Japan in Sendai works to make not only products, but also solutions. This thought seems really nice, new, and I think that this company will make our society better and more comfortable.