Andex Co., Ltd.

An IT company with a vision of contributing to society

Company Profile

  • Address 1-3-2 Omachi, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture Sendai MD Building 5floor
  • TEL 022-397-7988
  • FAX 022-397-7989
  • WEB
  • Capital 6 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2008

About Us

From IoT research to future smart-city projects


The name “Andex” comes from the French word for “index finger.” The logo and the philosophical name express a desire to be the region’s top company and to revitalize local communities by utilizing the best technology for each area, including AI applications, IoT research, various services, and smart-city projects. The company’s core service is to “make life better,” so it provides products that solve everyday issues.


Contributing to society with the latest technology

Andex aims to be an IT company the community trusts. We contribute to society by providing technology and products as well as by providing human resources for the community. We also aim to maximize happiness for our customers and employees in Sendai. For example, we help to maintain our employees’ physical and mental health by adopting a flexible work style, and we are developing internal systems to enable remote work.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Global talents with passion and goals

Andex mainly accepts science and engineering students, but we do not require special experience, skills, or qualifications. Instead, we need enthusiastic people with clear goals.
Andex respects employees who have their own ideas and contribute to the company’s development.
Andex is looking to hire people globally who are willing to contribute diverse ideas and to create new services together.


Achieving diversity and expanding the employment of international students

ITソリューション部 International Staff
ムハマド ハイリル アムリ ビン ナルザリ

Andex hires people who want to learn, regardless of age, nationality, or gender. As a result, employees with diverse backgrounds can work together.
Many excellent international students live in Miyagi Prefecture. However, many international students have no access to information about small and medium-sized Japanese enterprises. Andex wants to provide international students with information and with opportunities to deepen their relationships with the community. This challenge is difficult, but Andex’s strength lies in working to increase diversity and the employment of international students.

International students would like to know

Training and Support

Andex is very supportive, providing new employees with support inside and outside the company. In external training, I learned basic programming required for work. In the company, a senior employee was assigned as a mentor for each new employee. They taught us well how to write business e-mails in Japanese and about other subjects. In addition, the company is very tolerant of different cultures and has a good support system. For example, they provide a prayer room for me as a Muslim and allow me time for prayer during work.

Career Development

Andex is a small and medium-sized enterprise, so employees have flexible opportunities to learn.
Andex is a great environment for people who want to start their own business later. For example, employees can learn more about software by participating in external training. They can also learn about accounting and sales, so they can plan new business for start-up companies. In addition, the company holds regular seminars that create a fulfilling environment.

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RAHMA, Annisa Salsabila Tohoku University

Andex is a good company for foreign and Japanese staff members. My goal is similar to Amri’s — to start my own business in the future. To achieve this goal, I want to work somewhere I can grow in terms of business and in terms of technology and know-how.
Thus, Andex was an attractive company for people like me who want to learn. As a foreigner, I was also happy to hear that Andex supports the cultural differences of its foreign staff.

MINEMURA, Haruka Tohoku University

It was wonderful to find that Andex has a culture focused on each employee’s career. Japan’s understanding of Muslims in particular has not caught up with the current situation, but I feel Andex is a global company that can serve as a model in this region. It has listened sincerely to the opinions of relevant people and recognized their requests.