Sendai Chuo Taxi CO.,LTD.

Always ready to overcome our customers’ pain points

Company Profile

  • Address 5-5-20 Ogimachi, Miyagino Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
  • TEL 022-232-5741
  • FAX 022-238-3444
  • WEB
  • CEO KANDA Hiroshi
  • Capital 3 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1921

About Us

At one hundred years old, the most reliable taxi provider in Sendai


Sendai Chuo Taxi Ltd. is a company which will be celebrating its one-hundredth year in operation as of next year. Our record of real results, accumulated over so many years, even led us to be entrusted with driving the emperor himself when he visited Sendai. At our company, we are not only providing standard taxi services, but are also carrying out a variety of new types of business including kataribe storytelling taxis and sightseeing taxis, elderly-care taxis, in-taxi advertisement, and food delivery services.


Safe, secure, stable for both customers and drivers

We have two visions. One of these is “Safety, safety, safety.” Based on this, we deliver our customers safely to their destination without any occurrence of accidents. The second has to do with the taxi drivers themselves. Drivers are often seen as having a low social status, and our goal is to raise that status via service upgrade planning.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Sincere and accountable

We’re happy to welcome onboard anyone who has a sincere desire to work their hardest with us. Taxi operation occurs within set work hours, and we’re looking for people who can give their all, take responsibility, and provide services with a wholehearted devotion during those hours.


Sincerity is what matters, not your nationality

Hello, exchange students — this is Kiyokawa of Sendai Chuo Taxi. Although there are currently few cases of exchange students working within Japan, I believe that such incidences will absolutely be increasing in the near future. I believe that the sort of personnel we’ll need within that context will be those who truly give their all to their work. If you’re such an individual, your nationality will be no barrier. Miyagi Prefecture is a suitably-sized metropolitan area and living here is easy; we’re hoping that many of you will come here!

International students would like to know

What are your thoughts on employing foreigners?

In order to serve inbound customers, we do employ a Chinese individual on a part-time basis. As at current the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing Chinese tourists from visiting Japan, we’re currently putting said employee on temporary leave; however, he usually gives his all to his work. On the other hand, based on labor shortage, we’re actively hoping to welcome foreign workers into our industry. The Japanese taxi industry is continuing to see the aging of its workers, and there is the possibility that around one hundred thousand of these workers will have retired within the next ten years. This will make the preservation of transportation services difficult, meaning we’re eagerly looking to employ foreign staff.

Taxi delivery and mobile app development

While we’re not currently considering the development of our own ride-hailing application, within our area of operation only Sendai Chuo Taxi is compatible with the Uber app, so we’re considering using said application. While the sales being made through the Takudeli delivery service started during the COVID-19 crisis are negligible in and of themselves, we continue to provide this service on the basis of promotion. We were the first to put together this sort of service in Sendai, something covered by local television and which even resulted in requests being made from other business fields.

Message Movie


SAKAI, Yura Tohoku University

I was impressed that Sendai Chuo Taxi offers various services. I believe that trying something new is never easy. It requires a lot of time and courage. Adjusting what they do to suit the demands of each time period is the reason why SCT has continued attracting so many people for around a century. We, as students, rarely use taxis, but I want to tell my fellow cohort about some of their services, such as the sightseeing taxi and the kataribe storytelling taxi.

RASULI, Nadea Fikrah Universitas Gadjah Mada / Tohoku University

I learned that taxi transportation is available in Japan, and found out that Sendai Chuo Taxi offers some amazing services that are not available or maybe not very well-known in my country. Those services are the elderly-care service and the sightseeing taxi. Getting to know SCT allowed me to understand better the broad range of services specifically offered to solve each region's issues.