Sprout Japan

Showcasing Tohoku’s charms by combining IT, design, and working globally

Company Profile

  • Address 2-2-10 Chuo, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture Sento Kaikan Building 6th floor
  • TEL 022-797-3916
  • FAX 022-797-3918
  • WEB http://www.sproutjp.co.jp
  • CEO YAMAUCHI, Kazuhiko
  • Capital 10 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2012

About Us

Creating synergistic effects to improve the Tohoku region

YAMAUCHI, Kazuhiko

Having been formed the year following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Sprout Japan is a company which works to communicate the charm of the Tohoku region to the rest of Japan and to the world. Our foreign staff are global factors serve as a source of strength when carrying out IT work like video and photograph editing and design, as well as when carrying out big data analysis. Our various members make use of their personal strengths, engaging in their work while bringing about synergistic teamwork. Our forte is video production: We create videos in-house. We have footage (photos, video, and aerial) of over three thousand locations, mostly within the Tohoku region.


From data utilization to making Tohoku known globally

When founded, Sprout Japan specialized in IT, but now we also focus on video design with an emphasis on global reach. In particular, the addition of foreign staff has allowed us to expand our market dramatically. This embodies our vision for the future: "From Tohoku to the world".

Image of Ideal Candidates

Embracing diversity

We look for three types of individuals. First is the type of person who likes to bring joy to others. Second is one who can respect other nationalities, genders and skill-based differences of those they interact with. Third is the type with ambition and is willing to act on that impulse.
Candidates with one or more of that attributes would need to be able to work in a small team while being able to maintain great energy. We are happy to welcome someone who "seems to need something new" rather than a jack-of-all-trades.


Come up north and work with us!

Michael Martin / The Photographer and Product Manager
Monder Rehamnia / The IT Engineer and Digital Marketer

(Mr. Yamauchi)
I'm Kazuhiko Yamauchi, president of Sprout Japan. Our goal is to foster IT, design, and global aptitudes, transmit a wealth of information on the Tohoku region, and provide craftsmanship and services that bring a smile to the people of the world. I’d be overjoyed if you could join us in our mission “From Tohoku to the world!”
(Mr. Martin)
I recommend coming to Tohoku and working at our company for those of you who want to live away from the big cities of Tokyo or Osaka. Not only are the water and air here in Sendai clean, but the cityscape is very beautiful. Please come to Tohoku and work with us!

International students would like to know

Things that make Sprout Japan a good place to work

(Mr. Martin)
I work as a photographer at our company, and I try to look at my photographs again with new eyes, time and again, in order to improve my photography skills. Since our company has a small staff, I’m able to engage management in regular direct discussion, and we’re able to develop deep relationships.
(Mr. Rehamnia)
I feel that my Japanese abilities have been significantly increased thanks to the varied projects I’ve been involved in. I’m now able to give explanations about complicated details regarding computer science or ongoing projects in Japanese.
Although it takes a lot of time for foreign staff to gain Japanese language skills, our staff here are always available to help you, and you can work with ease of mind.

Working through the pandemic

Although the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in us losing out in some business negotiations, there have also been new projects we’ve been able to get a start on. For example, we were able to provide support via online discussion events regarding how those who run ryokans and hotels in Fukushima Prefecture should react when they’ve contracted coronavirus, or about infection control measures. Additionally, we produced a video on infection control measures for businesses in Fukushima and Akita Prefectures. The current situation of the COVID-19 crisis has brought about some new opportunities. Being able to evolve alongside social conditions is one of our strengths. We’re currently planning to further strengthen our automated marketing in the tourism field.

Message Movie


SAKAI, Yura Tohoku University

The interview gave me the impression that the working atmosphere at Sprout Japan is very good. They looked like they really enjoyed and were proud of their jobs. I was also impressed by the concept of visualizing team members as the individual prickles on a chestnut. Thank you very much.

RASULI, Nadea Fikrah Universitas Gadjah Mada / Tohoku University

I was impressed by the connection between the employees and the CEO. They seem very close to each other. The mood was very lively, with them often joking with each other in between interviews. I had a lot of fun during this interview with Mr. Yamauchi, Mr. Martin, and Mr. Rehamnia. I just loved it!