Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA)

We want to make Sendai famous!

Company Profile

  • Address 3-3-20 Ichibancho, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture 6F Higashinihon Fudosan Sendai Ichibancho Bldg,
  • TEL 022-268-6251
  • FAX 022-268-6252
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  • Year of establishment 2015

About Us

Tourism convention invitation and multicultural coexistence

Senior Chief Coordinator of Inbound Tourism, Experience Program Promotion Section Responsable of the English section of Sendai Experience

SenTIA was established in 2015 by the integration of (public association) Sendai Tourism Convention Association and (public association) Sendai International Association. Our main work involves activities aimed at attracting international tourists and conventions, product ventures, as well as the improvement of infrastructure for handling tourists, various means of support for foreign citizens and international students based on the concept of multicultural coexistence, and international exchange projects.


Giving Sendai real appeal

The goal of SenTIA is to create in Sendai a city in which anyone in the world “Would like to live, would like to visit.” In order to make this a reality, we cooperate with local corporations, advertise special goods and tourism activities, and bring about an environment that’s friendly to both local residents and international guests. In order to further the revival of the local economy and spread Sendai to the world, we also engage in the scouting, planning, and management of conventions. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, SenTIA has continued our activities to leave an impression of Sendai in the minds of many, making it possible for them to visit down the line.

Image of Ideal Candidates

The key is having an open mind, passion, and flexibility

SenTIA is looking for the sort of person without prejudice in their heart, who can take on a variety of challenges without fear. Speaking flawless Japanese may not be a must, but having a passion for Sendai is of primary importance. Also, we’re looking for someone who’s interested in the history and culture of the city. Additionally, this position involves cooperating with a great number of local corporations and groups, so flexibility is required.


Continuing to learn, being confident

Working in Japan while overcoming the barriers of a different culture and language can be very difficult for foreigners. By continuing to learn and passionately working, your successes can lead to greater confidence and the formation of a number of friendships. For this job, we’re seeking someone with the special skills of having an open mind and working with passion. Within this industry, cultural differences can also be an advantage in that they reveal a variety of viewpoints which arise from different cultures.

International students would like to know

What is Justin’s position?

With work hours being from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, my main tasks are seeking out tourism activity management groups and creating networks. Also, I create opportunities for face-to-face meetings so as to strengthen ties to local companies. Additionally, in order to secure chances at creating new business, I develop relationships with new companies. For foreign staff, translation work is also an important part of the job, and I produced the tourism information website Sendai Experience Program, and also support PR operations aimed at foreign tourists carried out by local companies. Another part of my job is building relationships with local governments and tourism boards within Miyagi Prefecture.

How does Sendai Experience Program advertise?

In order to advertise activities, SenTIA created and premiered a website called Sendai Experience Program to serve as a compilation guide to places where you can experience Sendai and Miyagi Prefecture. ( When carrying out this sort of PR, it’s important to ascertain who needs to receive the information in question, and to narrow down the exact market you’re aiming for. (Our Japanese market is larger than our international reach, so at the moment communicating the appeal of our target locations to our Japanese audience isn’t terribly difficult.) In the future, we’d like to cooperate with other areas of the Tohoku region, making the entirety of Tohoku an attractive location.

Message Movie


LOTZ Ewann Grenoble-Alpes University / Tohoku University

I’ve long been interested in tourism promotion work, so being able to interview SenTIA was a very good experience for me. Tourism promotion seems very enjoyable, but it’s also the sort of job that requires a professional outlook and serious attitude. I found the ideas of building relationships with other companies and discovering activities which can appeal to tourists to be very attractive. Someday, I’d like to participate in one of the touristic activities promoted by SenTIA.

FENG, Youxin Chengdu University of Technology / Tohoku University

My online interview with the people from SenTIA was a great experience. I was impressed how the daily work going on at SenTIA fulfills their aim of hard work that serves as a bridge connecting Sendai to the world. SenTIA not only does the important work of communicating local information, but also assists local companies with advertising activities. I believe that this means that they’ll gladly take on anyone with a soft spot for Sendai!

NOSE, Chizuru Tohoku University

Before I knew much about SenTIA, I thought it was just a company which assists foreign tourists. However, their work doesn’t stop there; they also contribute towards making Sendai an appealing place via all sorts of business ventures. What most impressed me was their talk of attracting more reporters to the Tohoku region in the future in order to serve as tourism promotion for the six prefectures of Tohoku. When I heard that, I got excited myself. Surely, they’ll be able to help make Sendai an even more loveable, wonderful city.