Aiming for the revitalization of the regional economy

Company Profile

  • Address 1-6-6 Itsutsubashi, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Itsutsubashi Bld. Floor 9
  • TEL 0120-083-208
  • FAX 022-204-2036
  • WEB
  • CEO HADA, Tomohiro
  • Capital 90 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2004

About Us

Helping customers with their management goals

Strategic human resource management

Sunliquor Inc. is a consulting company aimed at corporate clients. Our main business is to help IT systems from the likes of Tabelog, LINE, and Uber Eats to make use of low-price communication terminals in order to increase sales to customers, decrease costs, and to improve business efficiency.
Our headquarters are in Yamagata Prefecture, with activity sites in Sendai, Niigata, and Fukushima.


Aiming for an operating profit of ten billion yen

At Sunliquor, we aim to realize three separate management philosophies:
1. Contributing to regional revitalization
2. Shareholder returns
3. Self-growth for our employees
We specialize in personnel training for our employees, and plan on helping with increasing material results for local corporations by the expanding of company scale via the shareholder returns. For that reason, we’ve put forward a slogan demonstrating our short-term vision of bringing business profits to ten billion yen.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Never forgetting our can-do spirit

We at Sunliquor are on the search for talent with can-do spirit. You never know what will happen when you try something. Even if something fails when you try it once, it’s tied to what comes next. We want to work with the sort of person who understands this. Additionally, since our work is to help with management, the optimal new hire would have interest in management as well. Our ideal would be someone who spends their days thinking on how to improve our customers’ companies.


Overcoming the barriers of gender, age, and nationality

MITO Shuntaro
Sales department

Our goal at Sunliquor is to aim for the physical and psychological happiness of our employees and to contribute to regional economies via the expansion of companies.
We’re overcoming the barriers of gender, age, and nationality, expanding the chances for all sorts of professionals to contribute.
Please, support us revitalizing the local economy.

International students would like to know

Would I have foreign co-workers to show me the ropes?

We’ve only just begun to recruit foreign talent as of around a year ago, and our staff does not yet include any foreign persons; however, we’ve been carrying out interviews with people from overseas, and are actively attempting to recruit them.
Of course, we are placing importance on each person’s own character without discriminating based on gender, age, or nationality.
We do have staff members who have worked with foreign persons in the past, and can provide real support.

When do you feel most fulfilled when working this job?

The time when I feel most fulfilled in this job really is when our customers say “thank you” and give us words of gratitude. When I hear those words, I feel that all our hard work has been worth it. Additionally, I also feel a sense of personal growth when we achieve our goals, because the system which lets us know our level of success is a simple one. This job allows for many irregular achievements, which have allowed me to feel that I’ve increased my ability to react in an ad hoc manner.

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SUZUKI Shion Tohoku University

Our company lends support to local companies to help them improve their business results. This allows me to gain a sense of value from our management policies, which aim to provide for the revitalization of the local economy. I feel a strong desire to personally attempt to directly improve business results and facilitate the revitalization of the region, shareholder returns, and employee self-growth, rather than doing so indirectly.
Additionally, Mitsui of the HR department was very easy to talk to, and with the humorous atmosphere I experienced, I could perceive that there is a lot of effort being put into making this an easy environment for employees to work in.

ZHANG Zhijie Tohoku University

Sunliquor is a very warm and professional company.
Whatever I have seen of them has always been as a kind company, always friendly towards employees and on the lookout for new hires full of a can-do attitude. Based on interviews, this is not the sort of traditional Japanese company you see in movies or in writing, but one which invests in international ideals and management policies. The higher-ups are always kindly guiding the new hires. The atmosphere of the company seems quite fun.