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Company Profile

  • Address 1-15-19 Ichibancho, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
  • TEL 022-281-8968
  • FAX 022-281-8967
  • WEB
  • CEO HARADA Yoshikazu
  • Capital 3 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2016

About Us

Introducing the delicious taste of Japanese dashi to the world

HARADA Yoshikazu

Broth Up Ltd. founded the popular ramen restaurant Dashiro, and aims to introduce traditional dashi soup stock to Japan, and, indeed, the world. We develop not only lightly flavored soup stock suited to the Japanese palate, but also new products meant to match the preferences of people in other countries and regions.


Creating a ramen restaurant that is enjoyable for both staff and customers

When I was at Tohoku University, I worked part-time at a certain ramen joint, and was moved by the overflowing, kind atmosphere of the place. When I opened my own ramen restaurant, Dashiro, that experience led me to decide to provide the same sort of impression and enjoyment to staff and customers. I wanted to build a place in which many people could experience happiness and forget life’s difficulties.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Welcoming passionate candidates

Broth Up’s employees are like family.
We happily welcome anyone, whether students or housewives, as long as you possess passion and the desire to work your hardest. Let us all work together to create the greatest ramen restaurant in the world. We’re sure that foreign employees will certainly be able to put forth the great degree of skill needed to accomplish this goal.


Together, let us pass on Japanese culture

Public Relations and Human Resources Department

We at Broth Up provide ramen to our customers with the hope that it will help spread the culture of Japanese dashi broth to the world. We currently manage a few branch ramen shops throughout Sendai, and are currently planning on launching restaurants and branches overseas. We hope to spread Japanese broth to the people of the world together with all of you, and as a first step, we’d be happy for you to visit Dashiro and come to understand the wonder of dashi.

International students would like to know

Do you have any foreign staff members?

Broth Up currently has many foreign staff members working happily alongside our Japanese staff. Our permanent foreign staff are working on the project teams aiming at our proposed overseas shops and foreign branches, and are both tasked with providing interpretation on business trips abroad and with working in such a way that they can make use of their unique abilities.

What made you think you wanted to work at Broth Up?

HARIU-san: I worked at Dashiro during my school years, and really loved working in an atmosphere in which both staff and customers could have so much fun. I quit my part-time job there, but in the end, I really missed that cozy, cheerful working environment, and decided to work there again. Also, I was granted the opportunity to go along to the opening of the Taiwan branch shop, and I remember the happiness of the people we encountered; I think it was a real accomplishment.

Message Movie


ZHANG, Zhijie Tohoku University

Broth Up is a company with a great deal of vitality and a clear goal of showing the world the delicious flavor of Japanese ramen and dashi broth. In order to achieve that goal, the president of the company named his restaurant Dashiro. It's very appealing how employees are always working in a positive, fun way.

SUZUKI Shion Tohoku University

As I was able to tell from talking to employees, the company seems to take their work environment seriously. There are already people of many nationalities working there, and I felt that I could sense the value of working in environment where I could speak with customers while providing them ramen, work as an interpreter, and in the foreign service desk as part of the overseas division, and make use of my skills.