Renewable energy and the popularization of Japanese toilet culture

Company Profile

  • Address 30, Tekunohiruzu, Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi-Prefecture
  • TEL 022-725-7396
  • FAX 022-725-7397
  • WEB
  • Capital 20 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2011

About Us

Multiple businesses and global competition

Shikder Sabit Selim
Chief of International Department

ARCA Co. Ltd. provides a wide range of custom services, our main focus are solar energy systems (including roof-mounting) and clean energy projects such as storage batteries. Additionally, we also carry out the development of smart-toilet businesses and marketing targeting an international market. We already possess subsidiaries in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and are scheduled to enter into the European and American markets in the future.


Building a bright future for the coming generations

Since the founding of our company following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, ARCA has received support from local authorities, and has been able to routinely contribute to the popularization of green, sustainable energy. Although selling smart toilets in other countries does occasionally run up against cultural walls, we strive to spread Japanese toilet culture and increase its international popularity.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Creating enthusiasm in the world market

We do not require strict qualifications like seeing your grades or Japanese proficiency tests as proof of your character. Rather, because ARCA is so interested in foreign markets and world trade, we are looking for the sort of people who can communicate with customers worldwide, carrying out advertising of goods and services in a number of countries, and who have confidence and passion for global business. Additionally, we welcome international talent with the desire to open up markets in their home countries. It also goes without saying that an important qualification is the ability to put their all into learning new things.


Sustaining eagerness without fear of difficulties

Sene Senghane
Staff in International Department

Life isn’t always easy, and we sometimes run into difficulties. However, it’s important to maintain confidence and give everything your best effort. If you stand firm against hardships and maintain a passion for your work, you can manage most things. The creativity to bring about new opportunities is a must. Please work for what you believe in and open your heart to new ideas. That will surely help you in your own life in the future.

International students would like to know

Have there been any changes to business in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis?

As ARCA has many transactions on the overseas market, the coronavirus pandemic has created a number of issues, as we lack in-person opportunities and the ability to make inspections. Although our working hours have not changed, because most of our business is being carried out online, it has made interactions easier and made us even busier. Additionally, there are the positives of being able to introduce our products live, allowing customers to watch remotely.

Does ARCA have competitors?

The Japanese market for smart toilets is highly competitive, and the corporations with the highest shares are themselves competitive not because of their technology or quality, but because of the value of their brand and product line-up (which means not just toilets, but complete sets of faucets, baths, wash basins, etc.). So, ARCA engages in a more flexible strategy, hammering value into our prices. Additionally, we at ARCA give our undivided attention to the global market, seeking to spread Japanese toilet culture. Although there are difficulties in making sales in America, we are adapting smart toilets to the COVID-19 crisis, and have seen the smart toilet market in America increase by 5% this year.

Message Movie


LOTZ, Ewann Grenoble-Alpes University / Tohoku University

My interview with ARCA was highly interesting. I learned a great deal about both the solar panel and smart toilet business. The history of the company following the 2011 earthquake was remarkable. Also, I was impressed by our discussion of where they want to spread smart-toilet culture and about how best to sell them within the context of cultural differences. The interview was a very good experience, and I would be happy to work with them if the opportunity arose.

FENG, Youxin Chengdu University of Technology / Tohoku University

This company left a very deep impression on me. ARCA possesses a mission to use business for the global environment, focusing on clean, sustainable energy projects. They’re also succeeding in popularizing smart toilets throughout the world. By using a flexible approach including e-commerce and online meetings, they can work at developing markets on a variety on continents; the company seems very ambitious and passionate.

NOSE, Chizuru Tohoku University

I was able to participate in a very important discussion during my data collection at ARCA. I was impressed when told of how they began their solar power energy business in Miyagi Prefecture because of their experiences with the Great East Japan Earthquake, which caused them to keenly perceive just how important sustainable energy is. Also, I was astonished by their ability to find opportunity within the altered daily reality of the pandemic to passionately see to spread the use of smart toilets. Just as their name comes from the Japanese for “are you determined,” it seems to be a place where everyone can find a way to do their part!