Nishiki Estate CO.,LTD.

Town planning with residents

Company Profile

  • Address 1-3-1 nishikigaoka Hillside mall, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture Hillsidemall
  • TEL 022-392-6311
  • FAX 022-392-6545
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  • CEO OKI Hiromi
  • Capital 100 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2001

About Us

Town development with residents

Sales division Operating officer

Nishiki Estate is a real estate company based in Nishikigaoka, Sendai. We not only sell houses but also carry out a wide range of businesses, such as managing and attracting shopping centers and remodeling services with the motto of “creating a city that makes us feel that this is the hometown where we were born and raised.” Recently, elementary and junior high schools have been newly opened, and the number of children is increasing, which is rare in this era of a declining birthrate and aging population.


Houses that a family can live in for long time

More than 8,000 residents live in Nishikigaoka. Nishiki Estate is currently developing the last 555 plots with the goal of making Nishikigaoka even bigger. By building a house that suits the life stage of each family, we aim to create a city where families can continue to live for a long time and for the next generation.

Image of Ideal Candidates

People who like housing and sales with presentation skills

We would like to work with people who like sales and housing. In addition, it is necessary to have the presentation ability to propose a house that suits the customer’s wishes and life stage to eliminate the anxiety of the customer. Such will lead to the customer continuing to live for a long time in Nishikigaoka. I would like to support the new life of the customer with staff who want the customer to enjoy the city of Nishikigaoka.


Together we will build a heartwarming town

MOE, Ando
Sales division

As a construction solution provider, Nishiki Estate is not only looking to build houses but also trying to make Nishikigaoka a better town to live in. We focus on building a heartwarming environment for the people living in it and on creating neighborhood events, shopping centers, cultural centers, etc.

International students would like to know

Please tell me your job specifically.

I am currently assigned to the sales department. I listen to customers’ wishes and concerns and propose a house that suits their needs. These are my main jobs.
Keeping in mind that I want you to like Nishikigaoka, I try to make proposals that are close to our customers. In addition, I design a model house from scratch and do work that is directly related to house building and town planning.

When do you feel rewarded in your job?

At Nishiki Estate, there are many opportunities to interact with customers even after they start to live in a house, such as holding weekend events in the town and maintaining a remodeling department.
I feel very rewarded when I hear the lively voices of "I’m glad I lived" and "Thank you" from customers who have chosen to live in Nishikigaoka.

Message Movie


ZHANG, Zhijie Tohoku University

Nishiki Estate has a very enjoyable working environment for me. Mutual trust between elder and younger members creates bonds between them so that when they work together, they are tighter. On the outside, Nishiki Estate is also a very responsible company. They are not only building real estate for short-term profit but also helping make Nishikigaoka a better city to live in.

SUZUKI Shion Tohoku University

I was very attracted to the new real estate business, which not only sells homes to customers but also creates a town where residents can live comfortably after their purchase. In addition, the house and its services that can be remodeled according to the life stage are very novel, and I strongly felt that the philosophy of Nishiki Estate is close to the residents.
As Ms. Ando mentioned, she was entrusted with the design of a model house in her first year since joining the company, and I felt that an environment where young people could play an active role was very attractive.