Okurayama Studio Ltd.

A company that brings you the beauty of Japanese stone

Company Profile

  • Address 10-1 Kokura Okura, Ohari Marumori town Miyagi Prefecture
  • TEL 0224-75-2105
  • FAX 0224-73-5125
  • WEB https://okurayamastudio.co.jp/
  • CEO YAMADA Takasuke
  • Capital 33 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1887

About Us

Craftsmanship and art using Daté Kan Stone

YAMADA Takasuke

Okurayama Studio was established in 1887 (Meiji 20). At the time of its establishment, the company’s main business was the construction of stone bridge piers, but with the rapid economic growth after World War II, the company responded to the demand by supplying building and gravestone materials. Nowadays, the company is developing value-added products in the world of architecture and interior design, making use of the characteristics of Daté Kan Stone.
Mr. Yamada, the representative of Okurayama Studio, says that by focusing on the characteristics of Daté Kan Stone, he wants to not only develop and present unique products in-house, but also to convey the spiritual connection between humanity and stone.


Bringing the Formative Power of Okurayama Studio to the World

A designer living in France who was interested in Daté Kan Stone once requested to see a collection of our works. At that time, we did not have any photos of our products other than gravestones, so we sent a photo of a gravestone made of Daté Kan Stone. The designer instantly understood the sensibilities of Okurayama Studio and the potential of Daté Kan Stone, leading to a job offer.
This was the moment I became assured about that the works we had been doing on a daily basis at Okurayama Studio and the potential of Daté Kan Stone at the international level.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Aiming to Be the Best in the World with Staff of Excellent Sensibilities

One of the strengths of the Okurayama Studio is that it has staff members with delicate sensibilities who have studied art. With the support of these staff members, Mr. Yamada’s designs are materialized by the hands of the staff in a way that exceeds expectations.
Mr. Yamada considers himself a conductor.
While wielding a conductor’s baton over his staff, who have a variety of skills and sensibilities, he often concentrates on coordination to deliver the beautiful sound of the Okurayama Studio to the listeners — the customers.
Together with his staff, Mr. Yamada is implementing a variety of initiatives to ensure that the masonry group known as Okurayama Studio is able to perform at the highest level.


The Importance of Nurturing Sensitivity

When Mr. Yamada was a child, his father had a lot of influence on him in terms of art.
From this experience, he believes that what we absorb at an early age has a great impact on our development and awareness later in life.
Therefore, Okurayama Studio also conducts social activities, such as workshops at local elementary schools. The most important goal for Mr. Yamada is to convey the importance of taking ideas from things rooted in the local community and giving them shape. In this workshop, he advocates for the opportunity to observe the colors and movements of nature around us and get unique ideas and advice.

International students would like to know

What kind of experience and skills do non-Japanese applicants need to have?

Okurayama Studio is looking for people from abroad who are passionate about making things and love architecture. We welcome people who have studied sculpture or design at art school and who can use architecture-related software, but even those without these skills can be hired, depending on passion.

Can a foreigner adapt to the uniqueness and environment of Okurayama Studio?

For a long time, Japan has been accepting of various cultures and styles from Asian countries and the West. It has a history of flexibly accepting and blending external elements and sublimating them into a unique Japanese culture. As such, we believe that understandings and ideas from different countries stimulate the company. The most important thing is that no matter your nationality, you are passionate about making good things.

Message Movie


RAHMA, Annisa Salsabila Tohoku University

I am amazed by Yamada san, the CEO of Okurayama Studio. He emphasizes Okurayama Studio like an art exhibitor rather a business. That means he really values his work and design more than gaining profit. This doesn’t just make Okurayama Studio sell sophisticated and valuable products, but also create a positive work place itself. The CEO mentioned about all of his employees who have studied art and thus I think that working at Okurayama Studio would be a happy place for them to express their sense of art.

BANERJEE, Trishit Tohoku University

It is extremely difficult to see a company beyond a business and re-imagine it as art. I am extremely impressed with the global artistic and spiritual reach Okurayama Studio has. It has evolved beyond its local identity. Talking with the CEO made me realise how he sees art as a prayer. There is a story behind each stone and each of them requires a deep sense of art and soul.
I won’t be able to look at any stone the same way as before. I believe that working at Okurayama Studio will be more than just an experience ‒ it will be a journey worth taking!