CO-works co., Ltd

An IT company where everyone can work comfortably

Company Profile

  • Address 1-8-10 Ichibancho, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture Keisei Ichibancho Building, 2th floor
  • TEL 022-221-4902
  • FAX 022-399-7396
  • WEB
  • CEO AWAJI Yoshikazu
  • Capital 10 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2009

About Us

Work with what you are good at

AWAJI Yoshikazu / CEO

CO-works is an IT company located in Sendai. We have developed our business by combining the abilities of people who collaboratively support our mission: “Let’s make up for someone’s weaknesses with what someone else is good at.” Our business includes system development, business planning, dam management, temporary staffing service, and more.
Currently, dam management is our business’s core, and control systems developed by CO-works have been installed in 10% of Japan’s dams.To establish system development and embedded mechatronics development as our future core businesses, we are working to further develop IoT.Run Inc., the company we launched in 2019.


A society where collaboration is the norm

Many companies competitively try to improve their performance and technological capabilities, but I believe that collaboration is more important than competition with other companies. Just as each person has strengths and weaknesses, each company has strengths and weaknesses. We want to create a world where we can cooperate with each other to create better products.
In addition, CO-works aims to create a society in which companies, people, and communities can make the most of their own characteristics to participate in work and to compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Collaborating with other companies to make better products

Japan’s working population continues to decline rapidly. With the number of employees decreasing in many companies, they have difficulty maintaining their sales and product quality. Therefore, CO-works could develop services for many companies using the IoT to increase productivity per employee.


We Need people who can connect us with the Europe and America

Currently, no foreign staff work at CO-works, but we have accepted international students for internships in the past. We are considering expanding our business to European countries and the U.S., so we need to solve the language issue. Therefore, we are looking for English speakers who have knowledge of the IoT. Regarding communicating with and reporting to other staff members, knowledge of enough Japanese language to complete your work will also be required. The CO-works method is to have people around you help with what challenges you and to be active in what you are good at. Why don’t you work with us at CO-works to make the most of your skills?

International students would like to know

A company that creates 1 from zero

I think IT work can be divided into halves: one that maintains a service to ensure it runs properly or develops steadily and one that creates new services and products. CO-works wants to create new things that may not exist now but will become an infrastructure that many people will need in the future. We ask other companies to maintain, distribute, and expand our newly developed products and services. In this way, CO-works can focus on creating new things.

To respond to the market’s changing needs

A society’s needs change constantly. To provide services that meet those needs, individuals and organizations must respond to the changes. To ensure that all our staff members recognize the need to change when society changes, we bring together appropriate people from each division when a project launches. When the project is completed, the team dissolves.

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UMEMIYA Honoka Tohoku University

I was very surprised to learn the company’s approach and philosophy differed from those of most companies I know. In particular, I found the way of working was efficient and created an environment where the workers can make the most of what they like and are good at while others help them with what they find challenging or do not like. I also think the company’s yearly tests, such as the SPI, give employees an opportunity to reflect on themselves, which helps to improve individuals’ skills.

BANERJEE Trishit Tohoku University

I was impressed by how CO-works maximizes its employees’ capabilities and motivation.
The company has a clear vision and mission, and its appreciation for the logic in business is ideal for a 21st-century company that needs to improve its productivity. I know I could gain valuable experience by working here.