Mirai Farm Yamato CO.,LTD.

Grow grapes and revitalize the region!

Company Profile

  • Address 36-15 Tannohara Yoshida-aza, Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi Prefecture
  • TEL 022-725-2106
  • FAX 022-725-2166
  • WEB https://ryomi-winevalley.com/
  • CEO HAYASAKA Ryoetsu
  • Capital 10 million yen
  • Year of establishment 2016

About Us

From small waterworks company to winery

Managing director

We started as a small waterworks company, and worked in real estate, urban planning, and as a welfare corporation until expanding into the winery business. Our winery division’s Ryomi Vineyard and Winery was built on farmland overflowing with natural beauty. We’re developing a variety of businesses ranging from grape production to wine fermentation, restaurants, and lodging facility management, and are receiving guests not only from the local region but from far afield.


Bringing out the potential of local land and human talent

At Ryomi Winery, we aim to revalue agriculture, transforming it into a reason for townspeople to gather together. Also, we attempt to merge welfare and agriculture via the models of other localities, taking it upon ourselves to engage in job creation for people with disabilities. When it comes to our wine production, we consider it to be of great importance to bring out the Bordeaux-esque potential of our grapes.

Image of Ideal Candidates

The power to match human potential with a diverse range of work

We’re looking for the sort of person who can share our passion and cooperate with the work that Ryomi Winery is currently involved in and with the future challenges we’ve set for ourselves. These include a variety of engagements involving wine, from our restaurant to lodging facility management to welfare activities. Although you wouldn’t need any specialized skills or a high level of Japanese ability, we are looking for the sort of person who can see from a range of vantage points, is flexible, and sees people as human beings.


We’re waiting for you!

Ryomi Winery doesn’t just produce wine; we’re a company that’s more akin to a large family, working towards realizing a strong local society via support for the disabled and more. Our company values not only Japanese language skills and proficiency, but also personal character. For those who appreciate a challenge, applying to work here might just be the perfect opportunity.

International students would like to know

How are you managing your business during the COVID-19 crisis?

We opened our restaurant in April of this year, but we’ve been able to continue operating thanks to the understanding of the local populace. Also, we’re planning on bringing more tourists in from the Sendai metropolitan area and other prefectures in line with the new reality of our lifestyles, focusing on carrying out micro-tourism aimed at small groups of people.

How do you plan on popularizing your wine via the employment of exchange students?

Rather than expanding from Miyagi Prefecture to the Greater Tokyo Area, we’re planning on taking on the challenge of exporting to Thailand, Taiwan, California, and other overseas locations, as well as expanding our online sales. Additionally, in order to create inbound demand, we’re hoping to make our location one with the sort of appeal that can draw in more overseas visitors. We’re hoping to work together with exchange students to make all of this possible.

Message Movie


LOTZ, Ewann Grenoble-Alpes University / Tohoku University

My interview with Ryomi Winery was extremely interesting. I not only learned what sort of wine they produce, but also thought about how wonderful it is that they’ve created welfare operations alongside their winery and are contributing to local society. I learned about how their passion isn’t only for wine but that they also have a vision and a goal of dedicating themselves to local society. Since the COVID-19 crisis has prevented me from entering Japan and visiting Ryomi Winery, I have yet to be able to sample their wine; however, I’m certain that the wine, which they put so much care into making, must be delicious!

FENG, Youxin Chengdu University of Technology / Tohoku University

When researching Ryomi Winery, the beauty of the surrounding nature really left an impression on me. The interview allowed me to not only learn about the company vision and the content of their operations, but also about the wide range of work they’ve developed and how that has mostly contributed to the local economy. Additionally, by providing work for the disabled and the elderly, the company manages to contribute to society. This all made me feel the care the company has for the local area.

NOSE, Chizuru Tohoku University

Mr. Hayasaka, who participated in the interview this time, is a very energetic person and has a variety of business ideas. I have interviewed employees of companies in the past, but Mr. Hayasaka, who is also an entrepreneur, was very different and very inspiring. I was particularly impressed by his talk about his aim to merge agriculture and welfare. I believe in the future of Ryobi Winery!