Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei

Providing the highest level of hospitality for our customers’ enjoyment

Company Profile

  • Address 7-1 Yumoto Kidoho, Akiu Town, Taihaku Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
  • TEL 022-397-1515
  • FAX 022-397-1513
  • WEB https://www.akiu-rantei.com/
  • CEO SUGAWARA, Sachiko
  • Capital 30 million yen
  • Year of establishment 1995

About Us

A level of hospitality that provides contentment to all of our customers

ITO Masaharu
Management Department manager

Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei is a hot springs ryokan inn located in the Sendai onsen district of Akiu Onsen. The name “Rantei” was inspired by a tea ceremony gathering held amongst nobles in ancient China, we strive to provide our customers with a place where they can experience an elegant and enjoyable time like in the ceremony. Because of this nature of our ryokan, we here at Rantei spend each day putting in the effort needed to meet our customers’ individual desires. The result of that hard work is that last year we were designated by Miki House Institute for Child Rearing as Miyagi Prefecture’s singular Baby-Welcoming Inn, meaning a lodging space that was safe and relaxing for families raising babies and young children.


Constantly moving forward

We value our stance of “Constantly moving forward” in order to provide our customers with superior satisfaction in the face of the current state of society. Additionally, we work hard in order to present them with services which do not usually fall within the framework of what one might call a ryokan.
Because our staff all share in these desires, we’ve been able to come out with more and more new services to allow guests to enjoy themselves with a feeling of security during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Image of Ideal Candidates

Job seekers with high-level communication skills

At Rantei, in order to be able to provide superior services to our guests, we hold frequent staff meetings, gathering a range of suggestions from our staff. For that reason, we’re looking for new employees who can actively provide their opinions in situations like this. Additionally, Rantei receives many guests from overseas, starting with those from Asia, and having international staff who can teach us about the various countries and cultures those guests hail from is invaluable. We do currently have a few foreign staff on board, but we plan to bring more on in the future, and we hope to receive applications from those who possess both English and Japanese abilities (JLPT N3 or higher). The most important thing is that you like Japan. In other words, that you have an affinity for ryokans.


Won’t you help us make this a superior hotel?

Dao Manhoa
International Staff for Serving foods

Rantei has held an internship program aimed at foreigners for around ten years, and we are ready to accept exchange students. Because of this, our workplace is an especially favorable place for relationships between foreign staff and Japanese staff. It's difficult to navigate Japanese culture and learn Japanese, but we can offer to assist you with translation apps and simpler Japanese in an atmosphere where it’s easy to ask questions. Thanks to this, you can learn a great deal about Japan-specific ways of serving customers. Additionally, you can make use of your knowledge of your home country’s culture and language when interacting with foreign guests, which can grant a real sense of satisfaction.

International students would like to know

The work environment for international staff members

In my opinion, Rantei is an easy workplace for international staff to work in. I imagine that some may think that this would be a difficult job to work in since the Japanese food and Japanese utensils are especially difficult for foreigners to handle. However, because your senior staff value the policy of letting international staff learn from experience, it doesn’t take long to learn the ropes. Also, foreign staff are given their own private rooms in the dormitory, and are able to maintain their privacy as far as lifestyle goes.

The greatest strength of Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei

We have something peculiar here at Rantei which other ryokans lack. For example, we provide a number of unique services: we were the first to offer the service of being able to choose a yukata from a wide variety of options; the starting of a special bento delivery service in order to assure peace of mind and safety during the COVID-19 crisis; and the first pet-friendly glamping facility in the Tohoku region. Additionally, we provide free diapers in order to help lighten the burden of those guests bringing along their infants. These efforts are what led Miki House to designate us as a Baby Welcoming Inn.

Message Movie


RAHMA, Annisa Salsabila Tohoku University

Learning about this company was very interesting. What most stood out to me was the ideals of Rantei. I found it very appealing that the name “Rantei” is actually not derived from “ran” (Japanese word for orchid) , but rather from the desire to provide a time and space like a legendary ancient Chinese tea ceremony held at a place called Rantei. I was additionally surprised by the creativeness of their unique facilities, such as being able to go glamping with your pets, or being able to choose which yukata to wear.

UMEMIYA, Honoka Tohoku University

I felt that this hotel really values their guests and staff. I also sensed that it is a good workplace for work comradery. The training of the international staff seems to be very appropriate, and I feel like if new foreign staff were to be given this introductory course, they’d be able to work with peace of mind. Also, I thought it was wonderful how they concentrate on providing guests with an enjoyable, relaxing time via satisfaction-inducing service regardless of nationality or age.